Ice cream, Ideas and Tips

All the goodness of homemade ice cream

Is it better to have an ice cream made slowly, but with carefully selected and genuine ingredients, or an ice cream that is ready-made and pre-packaged, but whose production process is a mystery?

In the dispute between industrial and homemade ice cream, there may be elements in favour of one or the other contender, yet homemade ice cream has a number of advantages that cannot be overlooked!

A few ingredients, an ice cream maker or an ice cream mould for ice cream bars, your favourite decorations and you’re done! As well as being a food that everyone loves, that lends itself to infinite variations and that can be enjoyed all year round and on any occasion, homemade ice cream offers those who choose it some advantages that make it preferable to industrial ice cream. Let’s go through them together!

  1. It is versatile and infinitely customisable: you can make it with your favourite ingredients, choosing the flavours you like and combining them according to your personal taste.
  2. It is always freshly made: unlike industrial ice cream, which is often made months before it is actually consumed, homemade ice cream is only made when needed, in the right quantity for actual consumption and in the desired flavours.
  3. As a result, it is also healthier, because it does not need the large quantities of preservatives, stabilisers and other additives that allow industrial ice cream to retain its appearance and characteristics for a long time.
  4. It is softer and has a richer, fuller flavour, because domestic preparation allows it to blend slowly, incorporate more air and become super creamy.
  5. It is more eco-friendly and kinder to the environment, as it allows you to respect the seasonality of ingredients and does not require wasteful and polluting plastic packaging.
  6. It’s more enjoyable: the preparation can be a moment of sharing with the whole family or friends or even be transformed into an ice cream party to make birthday parties and celebrations of all kinds unforgettable.
  7. It’s suitable for any kind of diet: if you have intolerances, follow diets or special dietary regimes, you can make it according to your specific needs, without going crazy looking for the right packaged ice cream for your diet!

In short, there are a tonne of reasons why homemade ice cream is preferable to the ready-made and pre-packaged industrial version!