Ice cream, Ideas and Tips

Homemade ice cream, a great dessert all year round!

Ice cream is synonymous with summer, and summer means sun, heat, sea and holidays. An ice cream enjoyed on the seashore, during a trip to some seaside resort, under the scorching July or August sun: this is perhaps the most striking image of the “Italian summer” concept!

But who said that ice cream can only be eaten in summer? Ice cream can happily be enjoyed all year round!

In spite of its low temperature, its versatility, the possibility of making it in a variety of flavours and embellishing and personalising it with an infinite number of decorations, all come together to make it a perfect dessert in every season.

Whether it’s a mid-afternoon snack, a dessert to round off lunch or dinner, or an after-dinner sweet treat, ice cream remains, all year round, a mouth-watering choice enjoyed by young and old alike.

And if it’s homemade ice cream, made with genuine, high-quality ingredients, then ice cream can also become a healthy, nutritious and delicious food!

Imagine, for example, a scoop of ice cream combined with a slice of homemade cake, freshly baked and served still warm, perhaps together with a nice cup of tea: an unusual and original way to surprise your friends during a busy afternoon of chatting!

Or consider a stick of fruit sorbet, covered with chocolate and chopped nuts – a healthy and tasty snack to surprise the kids with and a clever way to get them to eat more fruit!

And what about a dinner with friends that ends with an ice cream party? All you have to do is make good homemade ice cream in two or three different flavours, various types of biscuits, fresh fruit, dried fruit chips, melted chocolate, sprinkles, etc. And then let each guest prepare their own personalised ice cream sundae, decorated as they see fit. A sure-fire hit!

And yet another great classic: ice cream drenched in coffee, hot chocolate or rum! Wouldn’t that be the perfect cuddle on cold winter evenings, perhaps in front of the fireplace?

But do you want to be truly original? Then serve ice cream for breakfast! Inside a thin crêpe, together with slices of strawberry or banana, blueberries, chopped pistachios or dehydrated coconut, it will be the perfect complement to an energetic breakfast or weekend brunch.

In short, ice cream is delicious all year round, at any age and at any time of day! It’s even better if it’s homemade, with genuine, high-quality ingredients, so you can always have it freshly made, healthy and in your favourite flavours!

Make’n Taste ice cream is exactly that: good, healthy and fun. With the mix bases already weighed and combined, you can prepare it without the risk of making mistakes, and you can choose whether to make creamy whipped ice cream or lots of single-portion ice cream bars.

In the online shop, you will also find Stickhouse ice cream mix bases, with reduced sugar content because they are sweetened with stevia and suitable for a vegan diet because they contain no ingredients of animal origin.

You will also find plenty of ingredients to decorate each ice cream any way you like, such as chocolate, caramel or berry toppings and chopped almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios!

All this is also available in handy kits, perfect for giving as a gift for any occasion!

Create your own homemade ice cream

Choose the flavours you like and customise your ice cream!

Fruit sorbet mix “FruttaStick”


“Vegan-Choco” base


Hazelnut Ice cream Paste


Pistachio Ice cream Paste


Mould for ice cream on a stick


Forest Fruit Topping


Chocolate Topping


Gianduia Ice cream Paste


Wooden lolly sticks