You can make the best ice cream at home!

100% Italian products

Impress your guests with homemade ice cream

The best "gelato" candy stick by you

Make‘n Taste is the best way to enjoy ice cream with 100% Italian products.
You order, prepare and enjoy at home for yourself and your guests, and the process is very simple!

Make‘n Taste is suitable for everyone: delicious, genuine and safe.

Get the best traditional Italian ice cream, made by you for you!

Are you ready for Make‘n Taste? Making our ice cream is very simple!

Watch the video tutorials to easily make your own ice cream

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Alex and Chicca will help you prepare Make‘n Taste Ice Cream

Make’nTaste is also Vegan and Sugarfree!

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With Make‘n Taste, making ice cream is easy!

Get started with our kit

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