Chocolate, Ideas and Tips

Let’s play with chocolate!

Have you ever stopped in front of a bakery window, mesmerised by the pralines and chocolates in a thousand shapes and colours, dreaming of tasting them all? Have you ever thought about trying to make chocolates, bars and chocolate desserts and then given up the idea because it was too complicated?

Make’n Taste makes chocolate easy!

Fragrant, flexible and suitable for a thousand uses, chocolate is one of the most popular sweets of all… Thanks to its high content of natural antioxidants, especially in the dark version, chocolate is also good for your health!
What more could you ask for!

Working with chocolate is easy for everyone, you just need to master a few techniques, but with Make’n Taste ingredients and accessories and our tips, you can let your imagination run wild!

“Per Piacere” Chocolate

Premium quality Italian chocolate, perfect for making chocolates and pralines at home, but also as an ingredient in desserts and cakes. Available in milkwhite and 72% dark variants, also in the “Chocotris” kit.

Silicone moulds for chocolate

Convenient and hard-wearing, they are the essential accessory for having fun making pralines and chocolates at home in imaginative and original shapes, such as the elegant “choco flame“, the enjoyable “choco spoon“, little romantic hearts “my love” and the unique “country slim“.

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“Per Piacere” Chocolate


Dark chocolate 72%


White chocolate


Silicone mould “Choco flame”


Silicone mould “Choco spoon”


Silicone mould “Country slim”


Silicone mould “My love”


Round silicone mould