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Make’n Taste kits: a gift idea for any occasion

Are you looking for a gift idea that is both original and fun, unusual, but also useful?

Well, you’ve just found it: Make’n Taste kits are the perfect gift for everyone and for a variety of different occasions!

Make’n Taste is the 100% made in Italy company that selects the best products for making ice cream at home according to the traditional Italian recipe, in all sorts of different flavours, with all the necessary accessories and a thousand different decorations to let your imagination run wild.

That’s why Make’n Taste offers you the gift idea you’ve been looking for: in addition to a wide selection of ice cream mix bases, accessories, toppings and chopped dried fruit, you’ll find a range of kits for all budgets and needs at

What are Make’n Taste kits?

Each kit contains the Stickhouse ice-cream mix bases, the accessories needed to make whipped ice cream and ice cream bars (including the legendary Cremuu ice-cream maker, in two different colours), chopped dried fruit and toppings in different flavours for decorating the ice cream.

The Make’n Taste range of ice cream mix bases caters for all dietary requirements, as it includes products with reduced sugar content, organic products and products suitable for those following a vegan diet.
What’s more, you don’t need to be an experienced pastry chef or ice cream maker to make ice cream with Make’n Taste: all the mix bases are already weighed and balanced, foolproof and with guaranteed results.

From the “start” kits, perfect for getting to grips with homemade ice cream, to the “plus” and “full-pack” kits, complete with everything you need to explore the Make’n Taste world and unleash your creativity in the kitchen, you’ll find countless solutions for all budgets and all occasions!

What occasions are Make’n Taste kits suitable for?

Whether you choose the “start” or “full” version, but also the more complete “full pack”, Make’n Taste kits can be the original solution for all kinds of different occasions. Let’s take a look at them together!


The gift-giving holiday par excellence should be a time of joy and sharing, yet this is not always the case. Raise your hand if you’ve never found yourself in a frantic search for a gift that will impress the recipient, with the ensuing traffic jams on Christmas Eve and fights over the last pair of socks or the last box of chocolates … On top of that, there’s the risk that, due to the lack of time and original ideas, the hard-earned gift may turn out to be unsuitable or not to the recipient’s liking!


“It’s the thought that counts”, as they say … Yet there are occasions when you don’t want to or can’t give up on the idea of giving a gift, be it large or small. Other times, however, it is more of a problem of finding the right idea, because, year after year, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose the most suitable gift for friends, colleagues or family members without being banal or repetitive. On all these occasions, Make’n Taste is the perfect idea! Surprise everyone with an ice cream making kit – it’s sure to be a welcome gesture!


Enough with boring gifts! A kit for making delicious ice cream at home, complete with accessories and decorations is an unusual idea for celebrating a wedding anniversary. A useful and fun gift, which can be used to prepare whipped ice cream or ice cream bars with genuine and safe ingredients, 100% made in Italy.

Wedding lists

Making a list can turn into one of the many headaches of wedding planning: it can be difficult to choose items that will be useful in the couple’s future life and not end up gathering dust in some forgotten corner of the house. Make’n Taste kits are an original and useful idea to include in your wedding list: perfect for preparing lots of good traditional Italian ice cream, as well as being ideal for those with a sweet tooth, they are also suitable for those who are not very confident in the kitchen!

I’ve found the perfect gift! Now what?

Now that you’ve found the perfect gift idea, it’s quick and easy to get it delivered directly to your home: order your favourite kit in our online shop, pay with your preferred method and sit back and relax. The parcel will arrive directly at your home within a short time!

For all the details on shipping methods and costs, go to Terms & Conditions.

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