Ice cream, Ideas and Tips

Not the same old dessert: 4 combinations with ice cream to amaze young and old alike!

We can all agree: ice cream is a well-rounded, healthy, and at the same time delicious dessert. Especially when prepared at home from quality ingredients, it is the perfect way to round off any meal, from family lunch to dinner with friends, but is also an ideal choice as a snack for young and old alike. And that’s not all! Ice cream has another great quality, not to be underestimated: it’s an incredibly versatile food, which lends itself perfectly to being combined with an infinite number of homemade desserts, to create gourmet desserts with which to amaze your guests or treat yourself to a sweet indulgence. Here are some tips for combining your Make’n Taste ice cream with cakes, pastries and other desserts that you can easily make at home.

Cake with homemade ice cream and whipped cream

A scoop of ice cream, a dollop of whipped cream and any slice of cake immediately becomes a refined and delicious dessert! There are timeless combinations, such as chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream, or apple cake and ice cream with cream, but let your imagination run wild and experiment with unusual combinations! We suggest two of them:

Crêpe with homemade ice cream, topping and chopped nuts

Easy to make and super versatile, the crêpe is a staple of French cuisine and has become a favourite on tables all over the world. Filled with good homemade ice cream, decorated with a delicious topping and completed with crunchy chopped nuts or dried fruit and a dollop of whipped cream, it’s the dessert you just can’t say no to! Try it like this:

Waffle with homemade ice cream and topping

Sweet and fragrant, the waffle has long since won the hearts of young and old. Perfect in combination with cream-based spreads, whipped cream and fresh fruit, it makes for a mouth-watering snack or a super tasty end to a meal with a scoop of homemade ice cream! Here are our recommendations:

Drowned in coffee, chocolate or liqueur

One of the simplest ways to garnish ice cream, which immediately turns it into a refined and delicious dessert. All you have to do is choose a high-sided glass or cup, fill it with one or two scoops of ice cream (all flavours are fine, but ice cream made with cream is at its best in this recipe!) and then “drown” it with freshly brewed espresso coffee, a cascade of melted chocolate (milk, dark or even white), or rum, limoncello, whisky cream… A combination that’s more delicious than any other! These are our favourites:

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