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Tempering Milk Chocolate

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For this recipe you need: 

Milk chocolate

Spatula and Container


The technique required to work with chocolate is called “TEMPERING”.
This involves melting the chocolate and working it a couple of times at different temperatures. Once the chocolate has solidified, it will be shiny on the surface, easy to remove from the mould and will provide a hard, crisp texture to the “split”.
In the professional field, tempering is either achieved with the aid of dedicated machines or is carried out manually using precise techniques.

Follow our recommendations and you too can easily temper chocolate at home without professional tools!

  1. Melt the chocolate in the microwave up to a temperature of 50°C for dark chocolate, 45°C for milk chocolate, 42°C for white chocolate. Use a hollow, glass or other microwave-safe container.
    To melt the chocolate without burning it, it is important that you do not rush: use the microwave on medium power and for short intervals (initially 30 seconds, then 20 and finally 10). Stir the chocolate with a spatula at each step until it reaches complete fluidity and the temperature appropriate for the type of chocolate you are working with.
  2. Mix the chocolate with the spatula, “massaging” it gently to avoid the creation of bubbles.
  3. Place the container in the fridge for a few minutes, then take it out and continue with the “massage” while keeping an eye on the temperature. Continue with this process until the “tempering temperature” is reached: 29°C for dark chocolate, 28°C for milk chocolate, 27°C for white chocolate.
    The chocolate is now ready to be poured into the mould (you can use a small jug with a spout to help you).

Our Suggestions:

Both the mould and the jug must be at room temperature (do not store them in the refrigerator).
If the room is very cold, it is better to warm them up a little (e.g. you can keep them in a warm oven for a few minutes).

Pour the chocolate into the moulds as quickly as possible, or it will start to crystallise and will be more difficult to pour. In this case, just warm it up for a maximum of 5 seconds in the microwave, taking care not to exceed 30-32°C.

• If you melted and tempered more chocolate than required, keep it in a cool, dry place. You can melt it down and temper it again in the future!

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